Retreat Internatioal Dharma Hermitage/Suan Mokkh

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10 day retreat


at International Dharma Hermitage


Suan Mokkh



General Information

What is the 10 - Day Retreat ?

It is a very special period of time in one's life which one devotes just to oneself. The time to explore ans learn the Winner sideW of oneself. Thus getting to know oneself thoroughly, in all aspects e.g. who one is, what one really needs or wants in life, what is the real goal in one's life, how one can accomplish it etc.

The retreat is run monthly all year round. It begins on the last day of the month before and ends on the 11th of the month [e.g. the January retreat starts on December 31st and ends on January 11th]

Why is it ?

Being born into this world withour warning is being thrown into this lofe withour any prepartion, training or aim at all. One gets lost easily and quickly. Especially in the so called "modern, material world" where mostof the people and environments influence or lead or even "force" one to choose a competitive, material way of life to lead. Thus, inevitably, resulting in an unsdesirable, unhealthy or even a miserable life. A way of life, which one has no time to stop and think it over or notice for everything is always in a hustle and bustle state

The 10- Dayretreat provides an opportunity[or probably the only opportunity] for oneself to take a break, and look over things and take a serious review on what has been happening or going on [whether right or wrong] in one's life. the chance to reflect, modify, adjust and/or make changes in one's life.

How is it done ?

In the retreat, all participants are required to observe rules among which are as follow :-

Keep complete silence

Refrain from

- destroying all forms of life

- taking things without permission

- harming the other by speech

- any sexual activity, mentally, verbally or bodily

- smoking or intoxicating oneself with any intoxicant

- having a meal in between afternoon and before dawn

- beautifying or entertaining oneself

- sleeping or sitting on luxurious bed or seat

Stay the whole 10 days

Observe the schedule strictly

This is to keep oneself to oneself only, no one else !

What the participants learn ?

1. Theory

1.1 The concept of four noble truth these are

- Dukkha[ traditionally translated to English as suffering but contemporarity known as stress, frustraion, fear, anxiety, anger etc.]

- The cause of Dukkha

- The cessation of Dukkha

- The way to the cessation of Dukkha

1.2 Anapanasati [mindfulness with breathing]

- The breath & the body

- The feelings

- The mind

- The Dhamma

2. Practice

2.1 Formal meditation

- sitting meditation

- standing meditation

- walking meditation

- lying down meditation

2.2 Meditation in action [in daily life]

2.3 Consultation

when a participant has a question/problem on meditation practice, the person can make a request to see a teacher for consultation.

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Yours lovingly,

Ploy Jaa .